Not a Daywalker

DSC_3372Last week I found a great spot to take pictures, similar to a secret garden, but I assume it eventually gets filled with water to become a pond, so I’m not sure for how long I can use this space. Another notable thing about these photos is that I wore my hair up! Just last week I talked about how I always wear my hair the same, so I thought I’d try something new. I quite like it. It will be a nice style for when the weather becomes really hot, and my hair loves to stick to my neck and forehead. This will be short and sweet today because I got an awful sunburn yesterday and I’m feeling very under the weather. A lot of red painful skin and I’m pretty sure I’m dehydrated. The woes of being a ginger. I’m usually very good at remembering sunscreen, because within 5 minutes of being in the sun I can turn into a lobster. But I forgot, and now I am a crustacean.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m going to slowly make my way to the drug store to get some aloe, because our little aloe plant has helped a wee bit, but we don’t want to kill her. I need an industrial sized bottle I think, much more than what little miss aloe can provide. I’m also planning on updating the shop this week. Something I have been having difficulty doing. Having stock in a shop and online has become difficult. I never quite know what I should add to the shop, and what should go online, so I’ve kind of just been avoiding restocking online. But I photographed some new stuff to add, so it just needs some washing and measuring. I’ll be in bed all day today, so it seems like the perfect time to do just that.














DSC_3417Shorteralls & Blouse: vintage via Common Sort
Socks: H&M
Shoes: thrifted
Lipstick: Trop Chaud by Mac

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