Into It, Intimates / Bully Boy Lingerie

il_570xN.562985019_tf87It’s always pretty exciting to find designers based out of Toronto. I’m often proud to say I’m a Torontonian (by choice) because there is so much talent living in this big city, I feel lucky to be surrounded by it. It’s all the more exciting when I come across Toronto-based lingerie designers. Enter Bully Boy Lingerie. Designer Vanessa Warrack – who is also co-designer of the ever popular Minnow Bathers – creates pieces that are simple in design but stand out with interesting details – v shapes, horizontal and vertical panels covering lady bits. Depending on your style, you could argue that some of these pieces could be worn on a night out with a pair of high waisted shorts/skirt/pants (I know I have seen similar things worn by AA enthusiasts). And why not make lingerie pieces that aren’t totally inappropriate for everyday wear? The more you can wear them,the better, in my opinion. It seems Vanessa has not released any new designs in awhile (correct me if I’m wrong), I’m sure most of her focus is going toward Minnow Bathers, which is becoming more and more popular. But if she does decide to release new designs, well, I will welcome them with open arms.

My favourites: Sheer Mesh High Waisted Panties, Sheer Striped Bra & Panties, Floral Sheer High Waist shorts, Ultra High Waist Panties, Sheer Black Mesh Soft Bra


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