Who-What-Wear-Elle-Fanning-Vogue-UK-June-2014-Elle-Of-The-Ball-1There are moments when I miss having blonde hair. I know that may sound totally insane because most people cannot believe that I dyed my ginger hairs at all. And while I have come to truly love my natural red hair, being blonde still remains one of my favourites. There is something I have always liked about a pale girl with blonde, icy white hair. It just feels right to me. And Elle Fanning makes it look so so right – icy white looking in some light, golden in others, creamy pale skin, giant doe eyes, made up in perfect 60s makeup. It’s understandable why I like this editorial for Vogue UK so much. I’ve been a fan of Elle since she was a little squirt. She’s one of those girls that you would always proclaim, “she’s going to be gorgeous when she grows up!”, and boy were we right. I like her look, it goes from a sullen coyness to child-like smiles and silly antics. She’s dreamy, and charming, and she looks like 60s/70s perfection in this editorial, and I’m left wondering if blonde really is more fun.

Photography: Angelo Pennetta
Styling: Francesca Burns
June 2014 Issue, Vogue UK



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