Into It, Intimates / Luva Huva

il_fullxfull.286812863I stumbled upon the handmade lingerie and sleepwear brand Luva Huva very recently on etsy and was immediately taken by how well designer Joanna Ketterer does a combination of cute and sexy quite seamlessly (no pun intended). I’ll be honest, as much as I can appreciate modern looking lingerie pieces that would not be deemed cute in any real sense, I really am an old-fashioned broad at heart, and pieces that ooze the sweetness and femininity of by-gone eras will always be my favourite. So it is clear as day I would be taken by this intimates brand. And it is an added bonus when a lingerie designer creates sleepwear pieces. I often prefer to wear vintage nightgowns to lounge around the house and sleep in, so I love finding designers making sleepwear pieces that echo the adorable nightgowns of the past.

It’s also important to note that while buying a lovely garment has it’s merits, being aware of where your materials and fabrics are coming from is also quite important. This brand is aware of their carbon footprint, and ethically source environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics whenever possible. The fabrics Joanna uses are 100% organic cotton, bamboo, soy fabrics, with end of line remnants and vintage lace – all good things, in my opinion. If you have not seen or heard of this brand before, I urge you to virtually pop by, both on their own online shop and etsy.

My favourites: Cornflower Nightie, Yellow Stripe Nightie, Yellow Print Babydoll & Knicker set, Aster Babydoll & Knicker set, Ivory Sweet Juliet Chantilly Lace & Knicker set, Coraline Black Lace Triangle Bra & Brief set, Odette Bra & Brief set, Anemone Bra set

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