Busy Beaver

DSC_1497I’m in the midst of a very busy month (who isn’t?!) – I have two dance shows this month, so I’m at rehearsals every evening for the next little while, on top of work and trying to get my act together for Christmas – so I am especially excited when I get out of the house to just do something because I want to. On Saturday Meaghan picked me up and our plan was to head to the Distillery District Holiday Market, however, we clearly didn’t have our thinking caps on because it was very busy. The kind of busy where you could drive around the neighbourhood forever trying to find a parking spot to no avail. We ended up giving up on that idea and just heading to cherry beach to snap some photos and enjoy the sort of mild weather. It was a short excursion, but excursion none the less, and one I desperately needed, because I find during my very little down time I am just marathoning Buffy and being as lazy as possible, which is fine, but doesn’t really make for a social and productive human being.

I’ll have to cut this short today because I’m in a bit of a rush. But I hope you all had a lovely weekend and aren’t feeling too stressed about this holiday season.

*photos by Meaghan










DSC_1498Dress: vintage via 69 Vintage
Blouse: thrifted
Coat: vintage via Toronto Vintage Clothing Show
Toque: H&M
Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine
Bow tie: handmade


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