The Life of a Dress

DSC_2316I have such a hard time feeling okay about buying clothes that are not vintage or thrifted (this excludes independent designers). I’m not sure why – maybe they just don’t feel special…maybe I don’t like the idea of fast fashion – whatever it is, I actually feel like I have something against new clothes. Recently Forever 21 opened a location really close to my house and I thought, “okay, cool, I can take a peek, maybe they’ll have some cute things.” But the second I tried them on, I didn’t want any of them. It just didn’t feel like me. But say I were to find that same item in a thrift store and I liked it, I would probably buy it. Maybe hunting for clothes is part of my love for vintage and thrifting.

So it’s odd for me to say, but the only thing that is vintage in this entire look is my hat. This dress may look vintage – what with it’s 50s shape and fun novelty print – but it is indeed new. And it had me wondering…will I love this dress? Why shouldn’t I love this dress? I mean, when I saw it online, I fell for it almost immediately. But as soon as I knew a ton of others could purchase it, or that it doesn’t have an interesting past, it’s like my brain tried to sabotage my initial like for this dress, as if it was less special because it hadn’t been worn by another. But I’m glad I do own it. I am very fond of this dress. I no longer have any dresses with this silhouette in my closet – I sold all my 50s dresses with a similar silhouette long ago because I’m not really a 50s kind of girl (usually). But the length of this dress feels very 60s and it can act as a pinafore, which we all know I love. It may not have a history, but I’m the first home along it’s journey. I hope one day it will make some others girls happy. After all, all those vintage clothes I love so much now started out as new.

Hold do you feel about buying new vs old? Do you even care? I’d love to hear.

DSC_2289DSC_2305DSC_2326DSC_2287DSC_2294DSC_2324DSC_2307DSC_2277DSC_2332DSC_2306DSC_2327DSC_2284DSC_2317Dress c/o Larmoni
Blouse: H&M (old)
Socks: UO
Hat: vintage via Common Sort
Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine


13 thoughts on “The Life of a Dress

  1. Lucy in the Sky says:

    The dress is very cute! I just love the print and the fact that it can be worn as a pinafore.

    A lot of the time I actually feel quite similarly when buying new clothing from stores and boutiques. I feel much more comfortable with the idea of wearing and owning something vintage or thrifted. I just love the hunt and the chase. Spending hours browsing through thrift shop after thrift shop is one of my favourite past times and there is always that excitement that you might stumble upon gold. I think one appreciates the items of clothing in their wardrobe just that tad bit more because of the hunt.

    I find that I don’t get the same sort of thrill when looking in a clothes store. It almost seems boring sometimes and I find myself just glancing past everything. I’ve noticed that the only times I really feel excited about shopping in chain stores and such is when I find something that I think strongly resembles something from the past that I would love to have.

    But yes, it’s nice to think that you create a brand new story for the new clothes that you buy and that someday another girl can dream about them!


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      I think we are very similar. The hunt is everything to me and makes me enjoy shopping. I love going to thrift and vintage stores because of the excitement…you just never know what you will find, and I could spend hours doing it. I find chain stores exhaust me after a bit (also so crowded). It seems now if I am going to buy new, I’m going to buy it on the internet and the clothes I buy in real life will be vintage or thrifted, because I enjoy the shopping experience.
      Thanks for commenting xo


  2. Jamie Rose (Petite Panoply) says:

    I think this dress is awesome and looks adorable on you! I like to mix new and old pieces so I don’t really care if it’s new or old as long as I like it and can afford it. Even if someone else buys the same piece as me they’re probably not going to style it the same way. Plus there’s so many places to shop online now, it’d be rare to run into another person in real life wearing the same thing. I do enjoy a super one-of-a-kind vintage piece though. It’s all about balance!


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      You make a very good point! Ya, to be honest, I very rarely run into people wearing the same thing as me in real life. I guess it’s just mostly seeing a ton of internet gals wearing the same thing…which isn’t bad. I guess my main qualm with new is it just doesn’t seem to be well-made and good least for pieces I can actually afford. Vintage is affordable for me and it really stands the test of time.
      Thanks for commenting xo


  3. Sarah DeBoice (@sarahwindy) says:

    I buy a lot of vintage as well, and once you start making it a habit, I think going back to the chain shops is damn near impossible for anyone with a conscience. I try to pick and choose new pieces I buy super carefully, as it sounds like you do too. 🙂 Love the print and shape of this dress so very much, and you look beautiful as always! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. xoxo


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      Yes, it sounds like we are similar in that respect. I think you’re right about that – once you start buying vintage it’s hard to go back to chain shops. I remember years and years ago when H&M opened locations in Canada I was so excited and would visit all the time. Now I can barely stand to walk into one of them. But at the same time, I feel like H&M was better back then. I still have pieces that I wear often and adore. I mostly loved their vintage-inspired blouses…but I can’t ever seem to find those things anymore.
      I hope you’re having a lovely day as well darling xo


  4. Sarah Brevick says:

    New and old is the way to go for me! I feel like I’ve have an identity crisis the past year because I went from an extreme vintage, all lace type of girl, to a more sleek and modern look. I guess I love mixing the two extremes best! I used to be super into thrifting but I just haven’t been finding that many treasures lately, but whenever I do, they are absolute gems!


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      It seems a lot of people like to mix, which can be really nice. I guess I sort of do it as well. I still have a lot of things I bought new a few years ago that I mix with vintage now. I was saying to another girl on here that I like the vintage and thrifting hunt. I think thats what I enjoy the most about all of it – knowing that you could find something really special. But I get that it’s hard to find. I live in Toronto, a city with a lot of fashionable people, so things are always picked over. It’s hard to find really great stuff that you would find in a small town. xo


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