Following Nature

031_8I met Heather Wells, designer of these exquisite headpieces and the creator behind Heart of Gold Designs, through instagram last summer. Her headpieces are made from vintage and precious materials crafted into these incredibly romantic and ethereal pieces that would make any gal (or guy) feel like an elegant, otherworldly creature. I knew I would want to shoot some of her pieces at some point and luck would have it that Meaghan and I had envisioned a shoot like this almost one year ago (except with a lot more snow…snow, she’s never there when you need her), so Heather’s pieces felt like the perfect fit once we finally brought this shoot to fruition. I’m pretty happy with how the images turned out. Meaghan and I took turns behind and in front of my pentax on this somewhat mild winter day.

Photography: Alex Spence and Meaghan Kelly
Models: Alex Spence and Meaghan Kelly
Headpieces: Heart of Gold Designs
Nightgowns and sweaters: personal wardrobe, except for the blue nightgown via Larkspur
Patterned blanket: Cambie Design
Footwear: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine and personal wardrobe


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