Back To School

These photos were very spur of the moment which is unusual for me because I tend to plan out when I will be taking outfit photos. Ryan and I spent the weekend in Barrie with his family, and on the way back to Toronto we stopped at a school track & field to give Beans a good run before the drive home so she wouldn’t be whining in the back seat the whole time. Gus and I were just sort of hanging out because Gus doesn’t play catch, so I decided to grab my tripod and snap some photos since my Miss Patina skirt matched the track at this school and the whole outfit had a definite school girl vibe. The wind was insane making my hair blow in every direction and the sun was way too bright, but I like the way these turned out, even if most of them I couldn’t use because I was squinting or making a weird face. I really should share some “blooper/outtake” photos with you guys sometime, they are truly hilarious and would probably give you guys a good chuckle.
Blouse: vintage via Local 23
Skirt: Miss Patina
Shoes: thrifted Aldo

4 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Mariah Alysz (@RyaPie) says:

    I adore these! Beautiful per usual.
    I think blooper photo posts are a hilarious idea! I save all my especially goofy ones in a specific folder. Last Valentine’s Day I gave Michael a book full of all our hideous photos, so I think it’ll be a yearly tradition! (We’re so strange)
    Blooper posts would also be great for days when you have nothing else to post…I may hijack your idea!
    ♡Mariah Alysz
    Rya Pie


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      Haha! What a cute idea! And ya, I was thinking the same. I have so many, it would be great to post when I’ve got nothing else. I however am not as organized as you, and would have to go through all my images to find them. haha. And go right ahead and hijack the idea, I definitely was not the first person to think of it 🙂 xx


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