Round Sunnies

Larkspur Vintage | Round SunniesRegardless of how many styles of sunglasses I try on, I seem to always end up picking the round sunnies (I guess not always, but usually). For whatever reason, I feel like a lot of styles don’t suit me, but when I try on the round guys, it’s like they were made for my face. So obviously, over time, I have ended up with quite a few pairs.
Larkspur Vintage | Round SunniesThese are the newest addition to my ever growing collection, and my very favourite at the moment. They’ve got a distinct 70s vibe, which I’m not necessarily trying to rock, but it seems a lot of the things I’m picking lately are very 70s in style, so I guess subconsciously the 70s is my go-to era of late.

And these three below are the ones I wear most; pink ones from UO because duh! Pink! Black ones from Public Butter (a vintage shop) that are not true roundies, but they have this ultra femme fatale vibe about them, which I like, and my Almost Famous-esque ones (seen above), from Philistine, a little boutique in Toronto selling new and vintage.
Larkspur Vintage | Round Sunnies

what are your favourite style of sunglasses? are you a roundie like me? perhaps more of a cat-eye type? wayfarer? don’t have a preference? let me know in the comments below. 


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