Happy Holidays

Larkspur Vintage | Happy HolidaysLarkspur Vintage | Happy HolidaysI’m currently sat in my parents kitchen after eating a butt load of cinnamon buns and unwrapping what is the most exciting amount of lush bath bombs my eyes could behold, and I thought it appropriate to wish you all a very Happy Holidays, whether you celebrate it or not. Gus is currently wearing his Santa suit, although, the hat has made a disappearance because it really seems to upset him (he was just staring at the floor until I took it off), but it makes me laugh (and I’m the boss), so I’m sure to get a snap of him in the outfit every year, which I guess has now become tradition (here, here). I should probably get back to family time, but I hope you all have a wonderful day. Let me know about any fun gifts you gave, or got, or things you did! I want to hear all about it ❤

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