Larkspur Vintage | Happy New Year Freaks!My plan was to take some really adorable and festive New Years photos, but they didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. However, when I started going through the captures, they kind of turned out better than I expected…a few cute, yes, but a lot of them mostly funny, and ya’ll know I like funny. Not everything works out the way you planned, I learned that in 2015…it doesn’t always work as planned, but sometimes it turns out infinitely better. I remember starting out last year with a blog post, talking about how happy I was to see 2014 go, to have a new year ahead of me and a bad one behind me. 2015 wasn’t perfect, to be honest, most of it was shit. It felt like 2014 ended not great, the bad got worse in 2015, and then I resolved to make a change and happiness almost immediately found it’s way back into my life. I have good feelings about 2016, I really do. Although, often it feels silly to measure life and it’s obstacles based on the passing of years. You don’t need a new year to resolve to change your life or hope that things will get better. The passing of time is so infinitely subjective, and I think my “new year” started 5 months ago.

I want to thank you guys for being here and on my instagram, which has become a huge part of what I do now. I don’t often allow myself to sit down and really see how far this space and myself have come since the beginning of last year. I have a hard time being proud of myself, which is both a curse and a gift – it pushes me to consistently strive for better work, but it never allows me the space to see positive outcomes and truly sit with them. I want to always remain humble, but I hope to one day feel proud of myself the way a loving parent feels pride in their child.

Aside from all that seriousness, honestly guys, thank you for being here. Thank you for reading and commenting and being so kind. Things got a little quiet here nearing the end of year, I really hope to make a change in that respect. I’m hoping this year I can finally take the leap in making this my full time gig and give you the rest of myself that hasn’t been able to be here due to time constraints. Here’s to hoping, being fearless and moving ever upward. Much love to you all and Happy New Year ❤
Larkspur Vintage | Happy New Year Freaks!Larkspur Vintage | Happy New Year Freaks!Larkspur Vintage | Happy New Year Freaks!Larkspur Vintage | Happy New Year Freaks!Dress c/o Unique Vintage

6 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR FREAKS!

  1. aj_spanton says:

    A very happy new year and I hope it is a good one for you as well as everyone else! You blog is a wonderful constant inspiration to me ^~^


  2. Patricia says:

    I love this post and these pictures. Happy New Year to you!

    I’m excited to read more on this blog this year, it’s a lovelyv space and I’m glad I found it. All the best!


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