My Aversion

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I have never felt particularly comfortable in skinny jeans. Non-skirt wearing people always assume wearing a dress or skirt is uncomfortable, but that has never really been the case for me. Physically, yeah, a skirt probably could feel uncomfortable to some – depending on it’s length, fabric and silhouette – but for me, they have always been the garments I feel most comfortable in. Comfort when it comes to clothes doesn’t only have to be about the physical aspect, certain garments just make us feel better mentally, and for me, dresses and skirts have always maintained that level of comfort in my ol’ brain. Pants, and particularly skinny jeans, have never made me feel all that comfortable, mentally speaking; I have always likened my legs to sausages when I wear them (we are all mean to ourselves sometimes). But then high-rise pants/jeans rose to popularity and my comfort level with jeans moved up a couple notches.


For over a decade, when it comes to pants, I have exclusively worn high-rise. So, it’s weird that I bought mid-rise denim jeans, right?! V weird. To be honest, I brought them into the fitting room thinking they were high-rise, but once I tried them on, and quickly realized they were mid-rise, I didn’t totally hate them. I’m kind of forcing myself to try new things…like wear mid-rise jeans, even though I’ve had an aversion to them for years…you know, just little things, but things I have abstained from for a long time because I felt like they didn’t suit me or my style. If I’m being honest though, I don’t love them as much as I would if they were high-rise, and even while editing these images I felt myself wincing at the way I looked in them. So I don’t know what conclusions to draw from this experiment in personal style and in a way, self acceptance. I was initially drawn to these jeans because I like indigo denim, a lot, and for that reason alone I wear them often, but I don’t think I’m totally sold on mid-rise. And that’s okay. We all have our preferences, and sometimes it’s good to try something different; maybe we can change our own minds, or maybe it’s a reminder of the reasons why we prefer what we prefer.

Have you ever tried a particular piece that you have strayed away from for years? Did you have a change of heart? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

Blouse c/o Larmoni (similar) | Jeans: H&M | Belt: vintage
Larkspur Vintage | My AversionLarkspur Vintage | My AversionLarkspur Vintage | My AversionLarkspur Vintage | My AversionLarkspur Vintage | My AversionLarkspur Vintage | My Aversion


6 thoughts on “My Aversion

  1. kittenhood says:

    Jeans have always been weird for me, especially after years of wearing skirts almost exclusively. High waist is definitely a plus, if only they came in lengths appropriate for ‘petite’ persons.


  2. Natasha Love says:

    I totally agree, skirts and dresses are wayyyy more comfy and flattering than jeans for me. But you definitely look so beautiful in them! There’s no need to cringe! You are curvy and gorgeous 🙂 I understand, though, the feeling of wanting more freedom with dresses and skirts than what jeans provide. I have the same thoughts 🙂 my blog usually has dressier items but once in a while ( like this post I manage to be okay in jeans.

    Your blog is wonderful 🙂


  3. maryfercr says:

    I totally agree!! I have the same feeling with skirts and dresses 😀 and with pants is a hell to find one that really fits in a good way for me! 😦

    Love this one you look amazing!!


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