Comfy Clogs

Larkspur Vintage | Comfy ClogsMaguba! (say it, it’s fun!)

Fitting that just yesterday I was talking about comfy, good looking shoes, and then today I’d be sharing these Maguba clogs. I don’t feel I need or often agree to talking about gifted items here, but when I say I was right prepared for these clogs to kill my feet and they didn’t, whatsoever, I was pretty blown away and knew I had to let you guys know about them.

Having comfortable feet is pretty important to me, especially now that I spend most of my days on my feet looking at clothes (I’m a clothing buyer for a local shop, in case some of ya’ll didn’t know). I often wear flat shoes or very shorts heels, so I was a bit nervous to wear these all day at work. My first thought right before putting them on was, “well my feet are way too effing wide for these.” Wrong. The leather has some give and allowed my feet a comfy spot inside (I do have really wide feet though, so I did have to fidget a bit with the leather on the toes to wiggle my feet in). And then I thought, “okay fine. but these are going to kill the balls of my effing feet after awhile” Wrong. Not even a bit. I spent the entire day in these shoes and my feet felt just fine by the end of it. Maguba definitely has my seal of approval…for whatever it’s worth. I hope if any of ya’ll are thinking of getting yourself a pair of clogs, you think of Maguba, not just because the name is fun to say (MAGOOOBA) but because they make great shoes that are customizable, so you are sure to get just what you want. And who doesn’t like getting what they want?!


The rest of the outfit feels very Canadian tuxedo, which I kind of love (I am Canadian, afterall.) But you know what I’m loving more than a Canadian tuxedo? Cropped kick flares. I now own three pairs – remember what I said about obsessing over one thing? Ya, that was kick flares at one point – but I’d love to find me a pair of black high waisted babies, so if you have any recommendations, please do tell!

Shirt: F21 via Common Sort | Pants: Gap via Common Sort | Scarf: vintage | Clogs c/o Maguba
Larkspur Vintage | Comfy ClogsLarkspur Vintage | Comfy ClogsLarkspur Vintage | Comfy ClogsLarkspur Vintage | Comfy ClogsLarkspur Vintage | Comfy ClogsLarkspur Vintage | Comfy ClogsLarkspur Vintage | Comfy Clogs


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