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I really don’t wear skirts and dresses as much as I used to. I have become a full fledged pants and trouser lover which is something I thought I would never say again. I have this theory, I guess you could call it,  that we always revert back to our former selves when it comes to fashion and aesthetics, like a circle of style, if you will. That something you once loved as a kid will be something you begin to love again one day. As a young child I really loved skirts, dresses, all things feminine and the colour pink (I named all of my stuffed animals “Pinky”…), as I got a bit older I shed those things for tomboy looks and then black eventually became my colour of choice in my teens (goth lyyyyyfe). If you know anything about me from visiting this space over the last several years, my girlish self was in full force – cutesy looks, the colour pink, again, as my favourite. But within this year I’ve become more accustomed to masculine looks and styles, the less frilly, and clearly I am no enemy to black. I guess it’s not so far off from styles of decades past recycling themselves in current fashion trends. There are little cycles within littles cycles, within littler cycles going on all the time in life, and that goes beyond fashion and exist witinh ethics and even societal issues. “History repeats itself” has always felt like one of the truest statements, to me. I have always wondered why that is. Does nostalgia drive us more than we think it does? I often feel nostalgic for times I didn’t even exist in, which seems absolutely absurd, but it’s a feeling I know doesn’t just exist for me. Who knows why these things happen, who knows why I have what seems like two different people that exist inside me, one trumping the other at certain times in my life. It’s something I have come to learn and love about myself, though, and it’s something that has become of great interest to me.

Do you guys notice these things about yourself as well? It’s a topic I’ve never really discussed with anyone. Let me know in the comments below.

Jacket: Ruby Leather via CS | Dress: Vintage | Shirt & Bag: Zara | Shoes: Dr. Martens
OKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All ThingsOKAY ANDIE | All Things

9 thoughts on “All Things

  1. Laura Boggs says:

    I hear you! Some days I go to my closet, full of vintage-y and playful clothes I LIKE, and suddenly nothing will suit my mood. On those days I long for something plain and maybe a little French — a white blouse with skinny jeans or something black. But these items aren’t easy to come by in my wardrobe, so I have a moment of panic, like WHAT IF I HATE ALL MY CLOTHES AND NEED TO START OVER??? It usually passes, but it does give me pause: What’s around the bend for my style? I feel change in the air…

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    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      Oh gosh! I feel that sentiment so much. Over the last little while however I’ve tried to add a mix to my closet. So I have my outfits for easy going, Parisian looks, and then other days where I want something a bit more fun. The more I get to know myself the more I have come to fill my closet with both sides of me.


  2. Fashion Schlub says:

    I definitely have gone through MANY style cycles in my life (I’m much older than you so have had time to come full circle repeatedly!). I think it’s normal, I think it’s GOOD – we never want to be that person the family has dragged onto stage at the makeover show saying “she’s looked exactly the same for 30 years”!!! Better to keep opening your mind and spirit and trying new things, venturing and adventuring, and reinventing yourself time and time again.

    PS – that location you’re shooting in is UH-MAZING!!!


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    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      So well said! I’m so happy to read someone else feels this. I’ve just always been a bit perturbed when it’s viewed as a negative thing to “change”. I certainly hope people change a bunch throughout their life. It’s a part of growth. ❤️

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  3. Sarah says:

    I love how you combine this dress with your black leather jacket and dainty feminine rings. I also cycle through different styles (usually dependent on mood, the weather, or both), but my favourite is mixing them together. I love the juxtaposition, and feel it is the best way to represent the real me: a girly tomboy. I’ve been following you for a while now (in a less creepy way than that sounds) and more than a going back to where you started, I really see this look as a culmination of your style and evolution. Keep doing what you’re doing and never stop exploring. ❤

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  4. theartyologist says:

    I’ve definitely reverted to my childhood too. When I was a kid I wore dresses all the time, and then in my teens I started wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time. And, now I wear dresses all the time again. So, I completely understand your style evolution!
    Also, I really like the plaid of your dress mixed with the leather jacket. It looks very… classic yet fresh.
    The Artyologist

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  5. andreea_kapusi says:

    I’m glad to read that this duality “problem” is more common; I learned to embrace it and enjoy it, I also think that due to the different perceptions that we have we can understant other people better, and not just with reason, but with heart.

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