Dundurn Castle

Photos by Matt!

Navy Shift Dress: H&M
Mustard Orange Collared Silk Blouse: vintage DKNY
Navy Trapeze Swing Wool Coat: vintage
Black Thigh High Socks: Target
Cork Heeled T-strap Sandals: Bass
Brown Leather Bag: thrifted (in the hallway of my old apartment building)

Recently my boyfriend Matt and I took a day trip to Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. We were passing through on our way back to Toronto from a wonderful time in Niagara Falls (which deserves it’s own post). Matt grew up in Hamilton and told me about this beautiful Castle that he thought would be fun to take a look at.

It was such a strange day. Sunny blue skies, and then down pours on and off all day. Fortunately for us, it immediately stopped raining when we got to the Castle. Just enough time for us to take a peek around before the rain started up again. The Castle was not open to take a look inside, which did slightly disappoint me. But the grounds were beautiful, so it did not bother me too much.

Dundurn Castle built in 1835, belonged to Sir Allan McNab, a lawyer, landowner, railway magnate and Premier of the United Canadas from 1854-1856. The Estate was built around the brick shell of Col. Richard Beasley’s colonial home.The land it is located on is known as Burlington Heights. The British Army, during the War of 1812, established a military post at the site. Sir Allan MacNab later used elements of the post into the construction of Dundurn Castle during the 1830’s. There are some old forts that have now been turned into pretty little gardens. Unfortunately they were locked, so I only got to peek over some fences (which were the same height as me). Had I been a little more adventurous (or wearing different shoes and maybe pants) I would have hopped over.

There was a pretty little back house behind the Castle which interested me the most. Again, it was locked so I could only peer through windows to take a look inside. It looked a little more touristy than I had hoped. You could tell it had been restored from its original condition. It did look old, but not the old I was hoping for.There were more people roaming the grounds than I would have liked. It was difficult to get a nice picture of any of the buildings without having a family, wedding party, or small child in the shot. The rain didn’t keep anyone away that day.

As soon as we got back into the car the rain came pouring down. Matt said it was fate, the sun had been shining just for us.

On the way home Matt and I went to pick up some bagels and pastries to bring home with us. And I had to stop myself from visiting any vintage stores along the way. Which wasn’t too difficult, because I had no intention of being in the rain any longer than was necessary. Once we picked up Gus (my pup) from Meaghan’s, we spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching Reservoir Dogs and eating homemade pizza.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Bye all!

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