Betina Lou A/W 2012-13

Betina Lou8

Betina Lou could be one of my favorite labels to-date. Montreal-based designer, Marie-Eve Emond launched Betina Lou in 2009 and I’m so happy she did. She mixes elements of meanswear with the aesthetic of historic female fashion icons to create perfectly simple, classic and feminine looks. It’s as if she entered my brain and designed everything I would like to own/wear! Thank you Marie-Eve!

The Patsy Dress has been taunting me every time I take a peek in The Future of Frances Watson (a store located in our little Parkdale neighborhood). Each separate piece is a classic staple (in my opinion) on its own and can be mixed and matched perfectly with the entire collection. The styling seems totally effortless in the best way possible. And that little brown beret is probably one of my favorite things!!!

Betina Lou1
Betina Lou2
Betina Lou3
Betina Lou4
Betina Lou7

Betina Lou5

Betina Lou6

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year!!! I am currently spending my New Year in Austin, Texas with Matt and can’t wait to share my travels (and food eating) with you!!

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