Bridges and Balloons


I think I first started listening to Joanna Newsom when I was 14 years old. I spent a lot of time at the home of a close friend who I took dance lessons with. She had an older sister that, at the time, I thought was the coolest person around. Not to mention I had a secret crush (maybe not so secret) on her boyfriend. I was introduced to a lot of different music at this time because my friend would play me all the music her older sister listened to. Being dancers, we were obsessed with new music. I didn’t quite get Joanna Newsom at first. Her voice sounded odd to me. But with time I couldn’t stop coming back to her. There was a fairy-like quality to her voice, that was so genuine to me.  She made playing a harp seem very appealing, and not an instrument that an old eccentric woman would play alone in her boudoir (although, I’d probably find that cool now). As I got older and my fashion sense changed from bullet belts and platform boots and Marilyn Manson to a not-so-harsh vintage feel, I started to also just love her look. The way she dresses is much like the sound of her voice – like a frolicking nymph in a perfect dress, hiding in the depths of a mystical woods, and you’re always trying to catch a glimpse of her to prove that she is actually real (you really need to hear her voice if this doesn’t make sense to you). Her style seems effortless because it pretty much consists of a vintage dress, but some of the most interesting ones I have seen. This appeals to me because I have an affinity to unique vintage dresses, all from different eras, but all carrying a special quality that gives some consistency to my closet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnewsom3joannanewsomnewsom4Joanna_Newsomnewsom2Joanna+Newsom+joanna (1)joanna newsom b&wJoannaNewsom1joannajoanna-newsom-kingfisher

If you like pretty girls, in pretty dresses with pretty voices, dating super funny guys, then you will adore Joanna Newsom.

Posted by: Alex

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