Jelly Belly in The Distillery District

photo (15)

How did it become Monday already?! This weekend flew by. Meg has gone off to Catskills, NY with her bff, and I have been stalking her instagram making myself so envious of all the amazing things she is doing and seeing.  I’m sure she’ll have plenty of pics to share with us when she is back. Yay!

Now me you ask, well, Matt and I spent most of our Saturday in The Distillery District, seeing Kim’s Convenience, a play one of  Matt’s pals from an old show he worked on was acting in. It was SO good! Matt and I kept having to hold back our sentimental tears at pretty much every moment. After that we had some snacks and beers at Mill St. Brew Pub, bought some baked goodies and walked around pretending to be tourists. Sunday I had a busy day of dance. It was Toronto’s Choreographer’s Ball last night, so I was dancing my little heart out on stage with my dance company, A.I.M. Always a fun and inspiring night. And one of the few events where pretty much everyone from the Toronto dance scene shows up to. It’s like a stroll down memory lane sometimes.

This shift dress I’m wearing could be one of my favs. I very much love anything with geometric prints or crazy floral patterns. It does however sometimes make me look like I have a pot belly, but that could also be because I have the most horrifying posture. I’m not sure how I did ballet for 19 years and could still have the posture of a jelly bean.

photo (1)photo (4)photo (5)photo (12)photo (6)photo (9)photo (10)photo (7)photo (14)photo (16)photo (3)shift dress; 69 Vintage, blouse/shoes; thifted, socks; UO, sunglasses; Philistine

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