Shop Update with a new look!

etsy51970’s Pale Yellow Halter Dress

Ah! Well this looks a bit different now doesn’t it?! I had a few thinks, and finally decided I would start to model all shop items from now on. Time and time again I’d receive a plethora of messages from people on Etsy asking if they could see items on a model, and I just decided, enough is enough, I shalst just model the clothes right from the get-go. It will be a nice change! It goes without saying I enjoy putting outfits together, so this was a real treat for me on a really stressful day.

I am off to Bruce Peninsula today to rough it in the woods (sort of), and swim in a grotto. I do not plan to look at my phone or be on the internet much, so I’ll be MIA from this here, cyber world. Anything sold in the shop from today until Sunday July 28th, will be shipped on Monday.

BTW! Please pardon Gus. He truly cannot live a single moment without being as close to me as humanly (animaly??) possible. Lucky for me he’s pretty darn cute, and more than likely steals the show. Dog definitely not for sale!

etsy61990’s Red Corduroy Empire Waist Sweetheart Dressetsy101990’s Geometric Print Shirtwaist Dressetsy131990’s Mint Green Cropped Button-Up Blouseetsy171980’s Laura Ashley Floral Shawl Neck Tie Dressetsy191960’s Repurposed Full Plaid Midi Dress

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