You look so familiar

DSC_3331Recently, Meaghan and I were talking about getting out of our comfort zones. We are both people that get nervous about the unexpected and unfamiliar, and so we sort of avoid it, convincing ourselves that nothing good could come of it. We both came to realize we have always had best friends or partners that pull us from our comfort zones and show us that the unfamiliar is not always so bad. In fact, it can be great. And while that is really nice, it’s something I wish I could do on my own more regularly. The same rings true for my appearance. I pretty much wear my hair and makeup the same everyday. I used to be far more experimental when I was young, but maybe as you get older you just know what you like. I have not had the desire to change around my makeup routine in years. Probably because I wore far too much of it as a teenager, and I like to keep things as natural as possible nowadays. But – not to toot my own horn or anything – I’m quite good at makeup. It’s something that has always felt natural and easy for me. I cannot draw a picture for shit, but I can make a perfect cat-eye in no time. It makes me consider possibly adding a beauty series to this blog, because I’m going to be real, you won’t see me walking around with blue eye shadow any time soon, but I’d happily share some tips and fun ideas on here. But I digress… My hair is much the same way, although I have never really considered myself very savvy in hairstyling. As a teenager I’d play around with different styles all the time, nowadays I go through months and months of wearing my hair the same way. When I was growing it out it was always up in a bun, when it was a little longer I would rag roll it, and now I wear it wavy, which takes the least amount of effort out of any of those and I really like that because I have a shit ton of hair. In the grand scheme of things, wearing my hair and makeup the same everyday is small potatoes and honestly doesn’t matter, but it is an example of how I generally stick to what I know and feel comfortable with. The familiar is good, I like it, but adding a little spontaneity to my life probably won’t kill me.










DSC_3257Button-up: vintage via Common Sort
Skirt: vintage via Odd Finds General Store
Clogs: vintage via House of Vintage

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