Into It, Intimates / Lonely Lingerie

tumblr_mjfktxCbIf1qf4pw0o1_r1_500I was originally going to share Lonely Lingerie’s lookbook (which is still very good!), but then I remembered how they have the ‘The Lonely Girls Project’, which to be honest, I think features their intimates in a more sexy, interesting and relatable way, so here we are. I much prefer seeing ‘everyday women’ wearing lingerie. It just feels a little more honest to me. Something rubs me the wrong away about the giant billboards for Victoria Secret (et. al) of models with their extreme push-ups, hour glass figures, and doll-like features (no offence to those women. I am not trying to bring them down in anyway, they could very much look that way in real life, and photoshop was not abused to create the perfect visage, but they are not exactly a true representation of every woman). I appreciate real women feeling comfortable enough with themselves to parade around in their underoos, reppin’ the everyday, average gal. So it seems fitting to me that Lonely Lingerie’s garments embody this sort of empowered bad ass woman vibe. It’s got a pretty obvious dominatrix vibe to it, without feeling too harsh and unapproachable – the sweet and gentle dominatrix, if you will. Like most intimate brands that I really like, Lonely Lingerie feels like there is something for every woman, and of course, has a little bit of that old-timey air to it.

My favourites: Sabel Cut-out Bra, Flora Softcup Bra, Lulu Softcup Bra, Sabel Highwaiste Brief, Lux Cutout BraSabel Two Strap Bra and Flora Brief


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