Belle Vie / 12

DSC_3494DSC_3504DSC_3508DSC_3495DSC_3500DSC_3509DSC_3512 DSC_3511 DSC_3513 DSC_3514 DSC_3515 DSC_3516 DSC_3521 DSC_3525 DSC_3528 DSC_35341. This may be my favourite picture of Ryan. I love how his eyes smile.
2-3. Taking Gertie to the park is so thrilling for me. She really loves it, except when she sees or hears a small motor vehicle coming by, then she loses it and runs for her life. Meaghan and I had a good time chasing her down the other day.
4. I love the light fixtures at Pizza Libretto. Would love to have something like this in my home one day.
5. The power was out on my entire street last week from 6pm – 2am, I’m still unsure of the reason. The only other time I had no power in my apartment was during a severe storm. It’s amazing realizing how much we rely on electricity. Ryan and I had to go out to eat and then spent the evening by candlelight.
6. Meaghan is such a beauty and someone I am very thankful to have in my life. Frankie is pretty neat too – such a strange little creature she is.
7 – 16. Ryan took me to the “secret beach” last week. It sort of made me think of“The Beach”. There were a few people walking by with dogs, but for the most part it was pretty vacant. It’s a spot I would like to frequent this summer, and maybe let a few friends in on the secret.

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