Into It, Intimates / For Love & Lemons “Skivvies” Holiday 2014

images.1015.1385279647.lrgFor Love & Lemons is the wild child of intimates (and ready to wear). Designers/owners (and bffs) Laura Hall and Gillian Mahin wanted to create a line for woman that rebels against the standards of modern society, for the modern gypsy punk. So when they released a collection of intimates, the sets and one pieces screamed rebel badass, as much as the lookbook and model did (and 70s vibes, anyone!?) They combine vintage and modern styles to create something wholly it’s own, and please someone like me who always needs a little old in the new. Their collections are the type of lingerie that could be worn as out-to-wear just as much as in-to-wear. They have since released a Spring 2014 collection and very recently a collaboration with Jena Malone (a fav of mine!!!), but I thought I’d share those collection separately at some point.

My favourites: unfortunately it seems none of these pieces are for purchase anymore on their site, but it’s safe to say my favourites are pretty well the whole collection.

Photography: Zoey Grossman
Styling: Ashley Glorioso
Model: Sheila Marquez at Supreme
MUA: Lottie Stanard
Hair: Ramsell Martinez
Designers: Laura Hall, Gillian Mahin and Keenan Evans
images.1017.1385279661.lrg images.1026.1385279715.lrg images.1031.1385279744.lrg images.1034.1385279764.lrgimages.1045.1385279823.lrgimages.1051.1385279856.lrgimages.1062.1385279914.lrgimages.1065.1385279930.lrgimages.1067.1385279939.lrgimages.1069.1385279950.lrgimages.1079.1385280010.lrgimages.1085.1385280045.lrgimages.1092.1385280083.lrgimages.1101.1385280135.lrgimages.1107.1385280168.lrgimages.1110.1385280190.lrgimages.1121.1385280287.lrgimages.1123.1385280300.lrgimages.1127.1385280326.lrgimages.1134.1385280361.lrgimages.1137.1385280376.lrgimages.1143.1385280410.lrgimages.1146.1385280423.lrgimages.1152.1385280465.lrgimages.1156.1385280485.lrgimages.1162.1385280519.lrgimages.1164.1385280531.lrg

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