Outfit: Sweater Forever

Larkspur Vintage | Outfit: Sweater ForeverWhile I was in the process of packing up and moving a few months ago, I did a huge purge of clothes I was one day planning on listing in my shop but never got around to. I wanted to start fresh, so that when I got back into it – whenever that will be – I’d have only the pieces I really loved and felt proud of selling. While going through the bins and bins of forgotten goodies, I happened upon this pullover. I think at one point it was actually in the shop but never sold (incredibly practical, but not at all eye-catching, thus very over looked). For whatever reason, even though I had this pullover for years, I saw it with new eyes and felt it needed to be part of my personal closet. It’s been an absolutely well-loved piece from that moment on. It gets worn at least every week, if not several times a week (which means I have repaired holes in the armpits 3 times now). Aside from being super comfy and easy to throw on at a moments notice, it’s incredibly versatile; can be worn with trousers or a skirt, over-top a dress, tucked in, tucked out, layered over a button up, on it’s own – clearly a sign that it has a well-deserved spot in my wardrobe. There are many pieces I have sold over the years that give me pangs of regret, I didn’t ever think I would feel a sigh of relief that this one didn’t sell, although, I don’t think I would have ever felt a sense of regret had it sold years ago – I wouldn’t have known what I was missing. It reminds me of a love I once had, a slow starting fire, one that didn’t spark right away, but eventually grew to be a warmth I could not do without.
Larkspur Vintage | Outfit: Sweater ForeverLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Sweater ForeverLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Sweater ForeverLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Sweater ForeverLarkspur Vintage | Outfit: Sweater ForeverPullover: thrifted
Skort: vintage via Local 23
Coat & tights: H&M (old)
Boots: Samantha Pleet x Wolverine
Necklace c/o Happiness Boutique


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