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As they often do, outfits come to me at random times, and only once I try them on do I know if it was a great idea, or a terrible one. This outfit was one of those “great idea” times, but I initially felt pretty certain it wouldn’t work. Not because I didn’t think these pieces were suited to each other, but because I wasn’t sure if I would actually like this type of outfit anymore; that is to say, school-girlish and kind of Lolita.


I have talked about my style confusion a few times here, and it seems I keep coming back to it because I feel in a transition of sorts. However, putting this outfit on and seeing that it still spoke to me felt a bit like revelation. Sure, I have grown out of certain types of pieces (peter pan collars, I’m looking at you), but that is not the absolute rule. The thing is, there is no rule. I keep feeling like because I am a personal-style blogger, I have a duty to stick to what I have always purported to be, and that wearing anything outside of my style wheelhouse would potentially  hurt my brand. But, after doing much thinking and really taking in the styles of bloggers and IRL people I feel most connected to, the ones that spoke to me most were the ones that kind of wear whatever the hell they want. There is always a way of making everything you wear feel like you, while also being able to actually wear whatever you want.

Like some much in life, we slap a label on it and feel frustrated if that label is not 100% accurate; well, it must be full of shit or a lie then! But nothing in life is that black and white, and it shouldn’t have to be. Humans are messy and confusing and ever-changing and those qualities should reflect all things, even something as silly as the things we wear. And they often do, and that’s okay. The differences and the inconsistencies are the interesting parts, we should embrace that about ourselves and others more, it would probably feel somewhat freeing.

Skirt: Jcrew via Common Sort | Blouse: thrifted | Vest: vintage via SugarSlax | Scarf: vintage via Common Sort | Shoes: H&M | Ring c/o Good After NineLarkspur Vintage | LabelsLarkspur Vintage | LabelsLarkspur Vintage | LabelsLarkspur Vintage | LabelsLarkspur Vintage | LabelsLarkspur Vintage | LabelsLarkspur Vintage | Labels


11 thoughts on “Labels

  1. A Clothes Horse says:

    Feeling this pretty strong! I’m definitely really confused about my style and what I feel good in lately. I’ve similarly been avoiding some of the more school girlish looks but whenever I do wear them they tend to get the biggest response and everyone thinks they “suit me.” So what direction do I go in? I agree with you though the best thing is to just wear what you want and that after all isn’t one style but will go through phases…


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      totally!! I have the same issue. It seems people like my more vintage cutesy looks, but they just don’t feel like me anymore. So I struggle with that big time – do I wear what I want and not give a shit, or continue on being how I have been because I get a good response from that? I think I have concluded that maybe I will lose the interest of some people, but that new people will come along who relate to my current style more…I dunno. Social media is weird, I know you understand that.
      ❤ ❤


  2. Liz says:

    Spot on girl! I feel like my style changes a little everyday. Here recently, I’ve been watching what I eat because my favorite J Crew shorts don’t fit! I think when you gain weight style definitely changes!


    • Larkspur Vintage says:

      I agree with that as well! I feel as though I have gained a bit of weight, and it complicates how I feel when I wear the things I have been used to wearing. But I think weight gain and style is a whole other ball game. Maybe something I’ll talk about, now that you mentioned that! thanks for commenting and reading bb ❤


  3. Klara says:

    One of my lecturers during my cultural anthropology studies used to say that reality is rarely consistent and that’s the most beautiful thing about it –and it became a kind of a motto for me. So, naturally I agree with what you just said. And you know, come to think of it, wouldn’t it be a kind of an objectification if people who watch you as a blogger only came here for their daily fix of eye-candy? I mean, you are a full person. You write interesting and thought provoking stuff, you go through changes and experience reality and share that here. There just have to be some inconsistencies along the way, that’s how it works. You keep surprising others and that’s the beauty of it! If there are people who don’t get it… meh.


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