Something Blue


My parents were in town visiting for the weekend, which was a true pleasure because I really don’t get to see them very often. What little time we had together was spent eating delicious pizza (Pizza Libretto), watching a movie, brunching and making silly jokes. I was sad to see them go yesterday, as I always am.

I’ve been so busy lately with my upcoming show, and to top it off, I injured my leg during a rehearsal and got quite ill for a day last week. But there is not much time for me to rest up, the show is less than 2 weeks away, and if you know me personally, I’m not the best at giving myself a break, even when I probably need it the most. Although, I say that, but most of last night was spent on the couch with Matt, watching Girls, Enlightened and The Americans.

The skirt I’m wearing is actually one we plan to list in our shop. The clasps at the waistband need some repairing, so once I have the chance to sit down and sew, you should see it in the shop in the next coming weeks. It really is a lovely skirt. I think I wore it like 3 times last week.










Oufit details…

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Vintage
Belt: thrifted
Hat: Vintage
Necklace: gift from Matt’s mom
Watch: Nixon, gift from my dearest friend Kristen

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