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OKAY ANDIE | Health, Vitality and ClothesIT’S BEEN AWHILE, HASN’T IT?

I wish I could come up with some good reason why I haven’t updated this space in 2 months. It’s probably a combination of not feeling like writing unless it’s in the moment (which ends up on my insta), being a bit bored of blogging and going through a pretty rough bout of depression. Since going through my last depression, I’m trying to make a real effort to become aware of the signs while I’m well, and looking for ways to cope more appropriately (is there an appropriate way to cope?) so that if and when it comes back, I may not lose myself so badly. I didn’t realize how bad it really was until I came out of it. I’m a high functioning depressive, in that I’m still able to get out of bed, work, live, but my personal life and self-care always goes to shit. I wrote this on my insta, and I feel like it sums up alot of what I went through and how I processed my experience after:

“From what I can estimate, for the last month (edit: since writing this and having more time to recall, I was experiencing depression far longer than this) I had the veil of depression cloaked over me. Looking back now it’s so easy to see how delusional I was. During it, however, the delusion was my reality. I think I lost 5-10lbs from eating a disturbingly small amount. I spent whole days in bed counting the hours till I could go back to sleep. I became paranoid and anxious. I pushed people away. I started to believe everything was falling apart because my mind was falling apart. My brain felt like it was slowly killing me, and in a way, it was. Delusion is the hardest part to overcome when going through a depressive episode. No matter how many times a healthy minded person tells you you are loved and should feel hopeful, your sick brain tells you they don’t know anything. I am grateful to be on the other side right now, but that gratefulness only exists because of how sick I was. It’s a double edged sword. Andrew Solomon once said, “the opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality”, and nothing has felt more accurate to me. Happiness doesn’t make you prosper, will does. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” and depression sucks that will, that vitality, into oblivion so there is no way. I have spent the last 15 years battling depression. That number, I imagine, would have you believe I have any idea what I’m doing, that I should be an expert at this point. But each time I fall into a depressive episode I feel like a child trying to figure out my new experience. The one thing that my struggle has consistently reminded me is that I need to speak about it. I need for others to know they are not alone. That maybe they can see themselves in my words. The truth is, knowing you are unique but not entirely unique in emotional experience can be of great comfort. There is no one else like you. No one else has your experience. But, experience can be shared. It can open doors so that we may see ourselves in someone else. So that while we may be trapped inside our respective bodies and minds, there is a connection that spans us all, because seeing others is seeing yourself.”

So there it is, slowly but surely trying to work myself back to health and vitality.

One thing that never wavered was my love for clothes and styling, obviously. My favourite season is here now and it’s helping me to feel more like myself. Blazers have taken over my wardrobe in a big way. I’ve brought 5 new-to me ones into my life over the last month (over-kill much?). As cliché as it sounds, they give me a sense of strength, which has been helpful while not actually feeling that way. Outfits like this are kind of my go-to when I’m unsure of what to wear or how I’m feeling about myself. I always know I will feel good in a pair of high waisted mom jeans, button down blouse and simple yet interesting (I wish I had a better word) accessories.

What are those clothes for you?


Blazer: H&M (similar) | Vintage silk blouse: CS | Jeans: vintage Levi’s 512 | vintage purse: CS | vintage boots | Necklaces c/o Chupi and TKO | Earrings c/o TKO

OKAY ANDIE | Health, Vitality and ClothesOKAY ANDIE | Health, Vitality and ClothesOKAY ANDIE | Health, Vitality and ClothesOKAY ANDIE | Health, Vitality and ClothesOKAY ANDIE | Health, Vitality and ClothesOKAY ANDIE | Health, Vitality and Clothes


8 thoughts on “Health, Vitality and Clothes

  1. Romina says:

    Love this entry and how honest you were about depression. I battle with anxiety and have been on a rough patch lately, so I can relate. Thank you for sharing your experience. One thing that has helped me going through tough times lately, is everytime I cannot cope to even do the littlest thing, is just to grab a notepad or a piece of paper and write a series of tiny steps to accomplish. It can be as simple as 1. Going to the toilet 2.Change my pijamas, or more challenging like 1. Calling someone 2. Studying/painting/writing,etc.
    But once you start doing the first thing, even if the task seems very simple, it gets a littleeasier to do the rest, so you can at least get out of the numbness depression gives you. Guided meditation is also a great idea, you can find a lot of videos in youtube.
    Also going to a therapist and a psychiatrist, but I figure if you have been battling against depression for so long you already know this XD Hope I could be able to help, and sorry for the poor English!


  2. Eva says:

    “There is no one else like you. No one else has your experience.”, you touch my heart.
    I have someone very close to me who used to be depressive. I never really understand it because I never experienced it, but now with your words it became less obscure to me and a bit more undertandable. Also, it shows that it won’t last for ever …


  3. Yva says:

    I suffer with depression as well, I never wanted to put a name on what it was but at the age of 20 I’ve felt this way with up and down since I was 13. Clothes have always been a way to feel less down, to be inspired and to feel a bit of happiness. It was a way to get through this life. For a few weeks now even clothes can’t cheer me up, maybe because I have been wearing the same ones for years now. I just don’t know how to get out of it this time, even with my boyfriend always with me.. Anyway thank you so much for this post, I never knew how to put words on what I’ve been feeling for years. You’re amazing for that and you’re photos are lovely. Love from France.


  4. Jeannee Waseck says:

    So-o-o much identification with what you wrote here, my friend! Completely identify with the others who have commented below that are also facing these type of situations – with one exception, FOR ME, NOT You 😉 — You see, I’ve been living with depressive episodes and especially anxiety for at least 40 years …. so I’ve done all that talk therapy – in 3 different states! with numerous doctors with varying degreed initials after there name. And all of that was (almost always) extremely helpful! But. by. now. I could sit there and just repeat it back, verbatim. So I’m at the point of – just give me my meds, and please, please! don’t ask this 54 year old woman, who is overwhelmed to the point of needing sedation by living in this world as it exists to where she needs legal sedation, to talk AGAIN about her childhood — its been enough. I just need my meds! I actually had a primary care who got this, God love her! but -she left … and her replacement does NOT ;(


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